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Anchored Apparel is now TRIIINDADE.

Since the beginning this brand has been pretty much a collective of our lifestyle; our adventures, mixed cultures, inspiration, music, art, faith and intentional living. Embracing everything that God has thrown our way, being happy, being courageous, and getting the best out of every situation. Using our own clothes as a means to start a conversation about Christ. Being inspired and inspiring others along the way. We learn every day, and we are always trying to be the best in God's hands. 

Through this platform we will try to show how we — Bryan Trindade & Jessica Trindade — live our lives and we want YOU to be a part of our story. So join us as we become story tellers that go through the motions of life and shake up the world!

Wear the brand.
Be the movement.
Change your lifestyle.


To have apparel that reflects and values our beliefs. Every piece of merchandise has a much bigger purpose. They're an opportunity to impact a difference. They’re a conversation starter. They’re something that ties supporters together as a community. They spread the message of the Gospel to someone who might not have found out about it otherwise. When you wear our apparel, you can know that you are supporting an entire community of people who are committed to the same values as you.  When you wear our apparel, you can know that the community supports you, too.


Don't wait for the world to change, change the world. You have more than enough potential to do this, and TRIIINDADE is just a way to help you make a difference in this world together.

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