Thanks Y'all!

Anchored Apparel

Hey guys! Bryan & Jessie Trindade here. It’s been a long time coming, but we wanted to officially announce that Anchored Apparel will no longer function.

We wanted to apologize for going on a hiatus for over a year. Long story short, on April 2016 something tragic happened in our lives, the apartment we lived in and held our entire Anchored stock caught on fire, and we lost it all. From photos, to money, to furniture, to equipment, to mementos. And in that moment, it just felt like nothing else was achievable. We went through a lot of painful moments, but we had God looking over us and we were always by each other sides. Fast forward to now, a little more than a year later, and after months of talking, praying, dreaming, and scheming, we have decided to close out this chapter of our lives and move forward for whatever may come next.

We still aren’t sure of what the future holds, but we are ready for it. With all that said, we wanted to thank you all for the journey. It’s been a HUGE pleasure getting to meet many of you in person. All the exchanges in person and online have made this experience one in a lifetime. From the connections we made with you all, it helped shape the brand’s message and us as a couple doing life in this crazy world of ours. It’s insane to think of how something so small got to impact so many. Thanks to all of you!

The website will be up for a few more months, but we will transition it more into our lifestyle blog and photography. Where you get to see more of us, real and raw. But keep an eye open as we may sell a shirt here or there online. We don’t plan on closing this Anchored Instagram page just yet, but if you’d like to follow along what we are currently doing and what we plan on doing, follow our personal pages: @bryantrindade and @jessctrindade

Again, thanks y’all!
We love you xx