Casting Shadows

Ursula K. Le Guin

"When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow."

I read this quote the other day and it made me think about how others perceive of you. Take me for example, wherever I may walk and whatever I may do, there are always people watching. Some may be looking up to me, some may just be judging me, but those are the "shadows" I am casting.  

Have you noticed that shadows are never exactly the same as whatever is casting it? That your shadow is a different shape or size, but you can still tell it is yours? Well, that's how it is with others that you influence. They will never be you, just mere shadows of the things they like about you. That is why He is the Light, and we need to be His shadows.

For a long time I struggled with people copying me. Copying what I did, what I wore whom I liked, what I liked, and also what I didn't. It bothered me a lot during my teenage years, until someone told me I had a gift, per se. That I had what it took to be a leader. I was born with it. Something inside me made people look up to me (or down to me since I am kinda short). Shortly after I learned that, I started to seek more in God on how I could use that for Him. It took a while to understand that and be able to do good with what I had. Nowadays that I've embraced it, I enjoy seeing the impact I have in others and how I encourage them to do better due to my lifestyle. I love hearing people say that of my wife and I, it encourages us to always be ready to encourage others.

But with that said, don't get me wrong. Yes, there are people born with leadership skills, but I believe in all of us there is something people tend to look up to. We make big impacts on others everyday. In fact, that is one of the reasons Anchored Apparel was started in the first place. To make sure the values you reflect impact through all of you — including your clothing.

It's always been so easy to do something wrong, and the way the world is today I believe it is even easier. But amongst all the darkness, we need to be the light that others can look up to. Hence, the shadow we cast.

So I encourage you to be a light that shines for Him, so the right shadows can be casted.