Character Of A Thankful Heart


As I try to think of what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving morning, many thoughts come racing through my mind. I am thankful for many things in life, but I am especially thankful for everyone who has believed and supported Anchored Apparel through all this time.

With that thought in mind, I am very thankful for God being able to foresee all of this before it actually happened. Think about it, we have visions and never know exactly what needs to happen until it becomes a reality. But, it is during that moment — where we don’t know what may happen, and where we can make different choices — the moment where we are tested and must prove we are up to the task, that some of us fall out; we give up. We are never fully prepared for all the bruises that come along while we are being shaped and molded for that vision. It is so interesting to have a notion of what we are not, and to see where God wants us to be. But the question is, are we willing to be forged into the shape of the vision God has given us?

There will be hardships will that beat you. And those beatings will always come in the most common, everyday ways and through ordinary people.

And then there are moments in life when we do have a sense of what God’s purpose is for us, but the reality of that depends on us, not on God.  It’s all about our character. There are two ways we can go about it. We can either keep living the memory of the vision [independent character], or seek out the vision until it becomes real [dependent character]. If we were to live just in the memory of the vision, it becomes a useless vision; one where we won’t be able to live out God’s plan since it wasn’t put into action. We become of no real use to it. If we seek living our lives aligned to the vision, it eventually becomes a realization upon us. Every bit of our training is in that direction. So, let’s learn to thank our Father for making His demands known.