It Will Still Hang On This

For, contrary to popular hymnology, love is not the only grace which “abides.”
The truth is rather that “these three remain, faith, hope and love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

I read the above statement today and it rocked my world.

That even in the life to come these three things will always remain. It makes sense, but think about it — if "hope remains" then by definition it must have a future expectation. It needs be an object of anticipation in order for there to be hope.

This ultimately means that God is eternal and even in eternity we will be forever be finding out new and amazing things about Him. We will never reach the end of Him, our revelation will go on and on and on…

With this being so, how much more should we be in total awe and revelation of how great our God is in our temporal state? If heaven and eternity hangs on love, how much more does our temporal world, our finite earth, our defined life hang on love?

…how much we need His love now!

It all hangs on this, right now and forever.

Josh Kelsey