Small, Sweet Road


Just a little song I wrote
To bring you joy, to spread the hope
In a day that's not our own

That when you listen you may hear
A simple whisper in your ear of a
Summer's day
Once had

And the dreams, once dead and sulking, turn the the sun in hope
Demanding life and colour once again

Love fills the air in small sweet gestures,
Breathing to life new fond adventures
And I.. Will follow

The small, sweet road overgrown and old
Taken by few for the journey alone
These dark nights give us fireflies for the journey ahead
Running through dreams our hands in a hold,
who can tell what tomorrow holds?

And though the birds sing of our location,
giving away our situation,
hold me tight
till the morning light

This small, sweet road
tells a story old,
where loves finds flight amidst the overgrown,
it's a mystery of its own.
Fireflies provide the light when darkened nights hold cold, cruel types.
So we'll leave them behind

Just a little song I wrote,
to bring you joy to spread the hope
in a day that's not our own.