My name is Charyse Iseri and I am from Kaneohe, Hawaii.


 I have always had a passion for children; and really, have always had and still do, just have a passion for a bold, carefree and playful spirit! The curiosity and excitement that children have about life when they are 5 and 6 years old — so energizing! My students truly bring me joy and fulfillment, and I am so thankful everyday to be a part of their lives. I am a kindergarten and 1st grade special education teacher, and I absolutely love what I do. I am in my second year of teaching, and I have no doubt that I am doing exactly what God has called and purposed me to do — express His love to the younger generation, build them up, help them to become more aware of their purpose and potential and give them opportunities to do their best and be their best! God is allowing me to do what I love for a living... And by that, I know that He loves me, is faithful and favorable.

There is also this passion for a bold, carefree and playful spirit within me... I LOVE to be out and about, adventuring, exploring and thrill-seeking! Basically, I love experiencing Him — all that He has created around me, as well as who He has created within me. I love going to new places — on the island, off the island, in the country and out of the country! I love going to new heights, new depths, being challenged and being stretched! There is an inexplicable joy and fulfillment that I feel, as I experience Him, in and through all of His beautiful and amazing creation, with the curiosity and excitement that He has given me. Further confirmation of His love, faithfulness to and favor upon me — as a teacher, I have school breaks... So as an adventure/thrill-seeker, life-experience enthusiast, I have the time and opportunities to get out and live! It is wonderful!

I lived in Los Angeles for two years, where I attended Loyola Marymount University. I lived on campus and it was a blast! I completed two years of school there, then returned to Hawaii and graduated from the University of Hawaii. I have been back in Hawaii since 2006 and currently live in Kaneohe, on the island of Oahu.


I would have to say that my hometown has a HUGE influence on what I do! The school that I work at is my hometown's homeschool- all the students that I see and work with everyday, are children that live in my neighborhood/community. So knowing that I am working with and have the opportunity to impact/influence the younger generation of my community, really encourages me and makes what I do that much more meaningful and important to me! My hometown is also incredibly beautiful... I have a lot of pride for my side of the island! The mountains are always lush and green, the ocean is always calm and blue... It is a blessing to be surrounded by such amazing natural beauty. And it is this beauty that I see daily, that inspires me to get out, see and experience more!


I believe we're all given a platform, as a means of fulfilling our purpose here on earth. Working with children and families I believe is my platform; and through this, I can be an example of Him and His love. My job has really affirmed my faith — as I consider the peace, joy, worth and purpose I feel when I am just around the children, I cannot deny that He is real, He knows my heart and He loves me... It is humbling, and I am so grateful I get to do what I do.


Worship is how I can put myself aside, acknowledge who God is- all that He's done, doing and will do in my life, and just thank Him... Give Him all the praise, honor and glory that He deserves. It's a lifestyle — being and showing God (as best as we can) in and through what we say and do, that we honor and love Him. Especially using the qualities and abilities He's given us...


Just loving on Him the way He graciously loves on us!

Through teaching and living an outgoing lifestyle, I am using the abilities, heart and spirit God has given me to live with purpose and intention — impacting/influencing the lives of others and not taking for granted the life and health He has given me.


Other than spending time with my nephew and my close friends' children, my worship through teaching is only through my job... My heart though, is to travel out of the country and teach children abroad!


There is so much value in worship... Praise and worship! Aside from teaching and adventuring, I LOVE to praise and worship. The experience you can have with God when you come to Him humbly... And just let yourself go... It is just an experience like no other. And I just love it! Whether broken and crying out or content and expressing peace and joy... God loves when we give ourselves to Him in worship, and through our worship He can and will do amazing things.


I instinctively thought — doers! That people (myself included) would be full of faith and trust, seek the desires of their hearts with God's guidance and direction and not have any fear, worry or doubt...

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