The Ark & The Church

Genesis 6: 18-22 MSG

“But I’m going to establish a covenant with you: You’ll board the ship, and your sons, your wife and your sons’ wives will come on board with you. You are also to take two of each living creature, a male and a female, on board the ship, to preserve their lives with you: two of every species of bird, mammal, and reptile—two of everything so as to preserve their lives along with yours. Also get all the food you’ll need and store it up for you and them.” Noah did everything God commanded him to do.


Genesis 7: 17:23 MSG

The flood continued forty days and the waters rose and lifted the ship high over the Earth. The waters kept rising, the flood deepened on the Earth, the ship floated on the surface. The flood got worse until all the highest mountains were covered—the high-water mark reached twenty feet above the crest of the mountains. Everything died. Anything that moved—dead. Birds, farm animals, wild animals, the entire teeming exuberance of life—dead. And all people—dead. Every living, breathing creature that lived on dry land died; he wiped out the whole works—people and animals, crawling creatures and flying birds, every last one of them, gone. Only Noah and his company on the ship lived.


At some point in life you might find yourself asking, "What am I doing in church?" I'm sure you look around and tend to see people bad mouthing one another, disrespectful arguments, nonsense discussions, envious people, fake people, and every other type of person that may discourage your will to be at church. And that question comes to your mind, "What am I doing here with these people?"

Trust me when I say this, you are not alone. All of us at some point in our walk with Christ have discouraging moments when we look around and all we see is other sinners like us.

Heck, even I have had these thoughts already. But concerned with this notion we tend to get into I began to seek, until one day I re-read Genesis 6 and 7 regarding Noah's ark and it clicked to me. God gave me this vision comparing the Ark and the Church.

With that I was able to reflect on how there are many personalities in the church, just as how there were a diversity of animals in the ark, each with their own unique traits. I believe that at some point within the ark, that trip must have become pretty hectic. That nauseating mixture of smells in the air that animals gave off and their also their excrements. There were non-stop noises all day and night. Just that already sounds like a nightmare, I know! But that's not it, I believe there were moments where the carnivorous animals also tried to attack one another and Noah would have to get in-between and try to separate anything from happening. Now on top of that, imagine Noah's family complaining about how they were experiencing all of that for over 100 days already. But in this vision God also showed me one of Noah's sons creeping his head out the window, looking out, trying to get a little fresh air, and what he breathed in wasn't anything fresh. It was actually the exact oppostie. He was breathing in the smell of death that was intoxicating the air outside, from all the people and animals that were floating and rotting in the water.

And that's exactly where they learned a lesson — (and so do we).  The Ark they were in could smell as horrible as it was, and it could have been as noisy as can be, but the Ark carried life. You see, that's how it is inside of the Church. Your church may give you various reasons for you to want to leave or for you to think that outside may be way better, but don't be fooled, for death awaits for you on the outside!

Em algum momento da sua vida você pode ter perguntado o que você estava fazendo em sua igreja, pois ao olhar em volta só via pessoas falarem mal um dos outros, brigas, discussões sem sentido, inveja, gente fria e todo tipo de gente que te fez desanimar de continuar na igreja.

Você não está sozinho, todos nós em algum momento da caminhada cristã desanimamos ao olhar em nosso redor e ver apenas pecadores como nós.

Eu pensava assim até um dia ler Gênesis 6 e 7 onde se passa a história da arca de Noé e comparar a arca com a igreja.

Consegui refletir que na igreja existem vários tipos de personalidades, assim como na arca existia uma diversidade de bichos cada um com o seu jeito de ser. Imagino que na arca em algum momento, aquela viagem deve ter ficado perturbadora, o fedor dos animais e seus excrementos deve ter deixado a viagem insuportável, ainda mais quando algum animal carnívoro tentava comer outro animal e Noé tinha que separar. Imagino os filhos de Noé reclamando com o pai, durante mais de 150 dias na arca dizendo que não aguentava o fedor e todos aqueles animais barulhentos. E quando um dos filhos de Noé colocava a cabeça na janela para tentar respirar algum ar puro de fora o cheiro era outro, era cheiro de morte que estava lá fora, gente e animais de todos os tipos mortos boiando e apodrecendo na água.

E eles aprendiam a lição, que a Arca podia está fedendo e com todo o tipo de animal barulhento, mas a arca carregava a vida. Assim é dentro da igreja, sua igreja pode lhe dar vários motivos para você querer ir para fora ou achar que lá fora está melhor, mas não se engane a morte te espera lá fora!