10 Hours till Washington DC

Back in April, during Good Friday weekend, we grabbed our gear, picked up some friends, and hit the road to North Carolina! We've been itching to go there to visit Elevation Church and hear Pastor Steven Furtick preach. And since it was a spur of the moment trip, we had nothing really planned other than just hoping to get some sun and eat amazing food. We love spur of the moment ideas, they are usually the ones where we have the most fun. Anyway, as we left rainy New York City, drove through New Jersey and through some of Pennsylvania we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere Maryland. It seemed like we were running away from the rain all day and it would always end up catching up to us in the next state as we got stuck in traffic. At that point, we have just entered Virginia and it must have been about 10 hours that we were on the road –  and we never reached our "8-hour" trip to Charlotte, NC. Our GPS kept messing with us and it said we still had another 6 hours to go. I swear, every time we had looked at the remaining time on the GPS it said "6-hours left" – it never changed. At that point, everyone was beyond tired and cranky in the car, and we all decided to drive back 2 hours and go to Washington DC instead.

Here are some photos from that mini-trip we had. Hope you enjoy them!